Automated Assembly

Experiments in processes for automation of architecture assembly with a general purpose industrial robotic arm and 3D motion tracking sensors. Each assembly unit, in this case timber bricks are attached with 3 retro-refllective points which enable motion-capture cameras surrounding the work area to be digitally aware of them. The robot arm can then react to these in real-time. The algorithm generates a brick lattice which matches the tower height which can be either defined in the digital environment or marked manually with an experimentation in human-machine interactions.

Recursive Subdivision: Curve

recursive subdivision of a curve.

Recursive Subdivision: Mesh

Recursive subdivision of a 3D mesh for formal experimentation. The code is written in python inside a grasshopper script.
May 4, 2021

Urban Distance Analysis for social distancing

This is a grasshopper plugin for the analysis of Urban sidewalks to evaluate social distancing with social distancing radii and density of occupants per width of sidewalk. Find the original code files attached as well to edit as you wish.
March 1, 2021

Volume Study

The algorithm take a csv file containing areas are tranlates it into volume that are packed inside a given envelope. This algorithm can help with architectural volume studies. You will require packrat plug-in for grasshopper.
October 14, 2020

Solar optimization

The solar optimization script optimizes a volume to reduce solar gains through passive envelope design for structures situated in hot climate zones. The tool utilizes the ladeybug plug-in with galapagos in grasshopper for this. you will require epw and stat files to run this scripts. dowload them from this link:
August 16, 2021

Area chart

The CSV to area chart algorithm generates area charts quickly from area distribution provided in an excel sheet. You have to save the excel file as a csv file for this to work properly.